Uniforms and Dress Codes

St. James Episcopal School is very proud and supportive of its uniform policy for all scholars. As
educators, we recognize the simple, yet powerful, impact apparel has on our children and their
ability to learn. By implementing a firm yet flexible dress code, we believe we are providing the
safest and most conducive learning environment for our scholars.

Implementing and governing our uniform policy helps create unity and camaraderie while
teaching scholars to express themselves through the unique and more substantive expression of
their thoughts, ideas, and actions, not by their outer layers. While uniforms provide convenience
and cost efficiency for a family, they are also linked to higher academic achievement,
performance, and discipline in scholars.

The St. James uniform guidelines for both boys and girls can be found below.


St. James uniforms can be purchased through either of the two following vendors:

Academic Outfitters of Corpus Christi, www.academicoutfitters.comonline ordering now available!
1334 Airline Road, Gulfway Shopping Center
Corpus Christi, TX 78412

Lands’ End School Uniform, www.landsend.com
Preferred School Number 900131764 – Click here for instructions on ordering from Lands’ End

Swap Closet

The Swap Closet is a very popular resource, where gently used uniforms are donated and
recycled. All used uniforms in the Swap Closet are free and do not need to be returned. Please
come by the School Office to take a look and see if there might be something in your scholar’s
size. Also, if you have old uniforms that no longer fit, or from a recent graduate, we welcome
your donations.

Athletic Wear

This year we are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Stitch It to provide all of the St. James daily Athletic Wear (required for grades 4-8), Booster shirts, Spirit Shirts, and gym bags! St. James families may go directly to Stitch It to order in person, or may order online. All items ordered will be filled by Stitch It and picked up at their store.

Stitch It
4333 S. Alameda
Corpus Christi, TX 78412

 To Order online, visit: stitchitonline.com