Our Church Family

Our-Church-FamilySt. James Episcopal School was founded as an outreach of the Episcopal Church of the Good
Shepherd in 1946. From its earliest days, the cornerstone of the School’s educational philosophy
has been based on its strong Christian foundation through the Episcopal heritage. Our motto,
“Think, Believe, Become,” reflects this emphasis, reminding us that what we believe is at the
center of how we think and who we become.

The Church of the Good Shepherd takes an active role in the leadership and mission of the
School, with the Rector serving on the Board of Trustees. Additionally, the School shares much
of its campus with the Church, including classrooms, dining facilities, the gymnasium and
playgrounds. The Church provides a number of scholarships for St. James scholars, as well as
financial and facility support. On any given school day, visitors to the school can see children
learning, playing and worshiping at the Church. Chapel Services are held in the Sanctuary, where
the tenets of our Christian faith and Episcopal heritage are shared. Students in all grade levels
attend age appropriate Spiritual Formation Classes which undergird our common mission with
the Church.

There are multiple overlapping opportunities for ministry and Christian growth between the
School and the Church, for scholars and families. From bible studies, Moms in Prayer, Youth
Group, Christmas Pageants, and more, we consider our partnership with the Church of the Good
Shepherd one of our great assets, strengthening our mission to grow each child in grace, freedom
and knowledge.