Annual Giving Campaign

Annual Giving- “Investing in Excellence”

We are getting closer to reaching the goal for our Annual Giving Campaign! As all non-profit private schools do, we rely on fundraising, grants, investments, and tuition to support our mission of developing our children to reach their fullest potential. Through providing our Christian foundation and rigorous curriculum, we are developing scholars of strong faith, confidence, and character, and we need your help to continue this positive growth for generations of scholars to come!

We accept gifts through May, but we aim to reach the Annual Giving goal by the end of January, and we can still use your help! You can donate by sending cash or check to the School Office, on Venmo @StJamesCC, or online by CLICKING HERE.

We are truly blessed by the support of our loving community. 💙

What is Annual Giving?

The Annual Giving campaign is an annual investment opportunity in the school’s mission. For a school to
maintain and expand its qualities of excellence, it depends on the financial support and commitments of
each member of its community. It is the largest fundraising event of the year, and intended for every

What is the 2019-2020 Annual Giving goal?

Our monetary goal is $160,000.

The other goal we aim to reach is 100% parent participation. This is especially important as we continue to seek grants from foundations that measure the health of our school by the percentage of parent participation in our Annual Giving Campaign. We ask that EVERY St. James family donate at a level comfortable for them. Your gift shows you believe in St. James.

What is the significance of Annual Giving for St. James Episcopal School?

Annual Giving provides roughly 6% of the operating budget. Our investments support building
enhancements and ongoing maintenance projects, contribute to diversity of the student body through
financial aid, assist with faculty development, and support faculty salaries. Tuition supplies approximately 60-70%
percent of our yearly income, therefore, investing helps fill the gap to help us meet our true costs.

How much am I expected to give?

Only the individual donor can determine what amount is appropriate. The expectation level is that every
family will participate at a level comfortable to them. The only investment that is too small is no
investment at all! If you gave last year (thank you!), please consider increasing your gift this year. Your
generosity will help to enhance and provide the extras that equate to an excellent and well-rounded
educational experience.



Why is parent participation so important?

The Annual Fund participation measures how strongly our parents support the School. When we
participate, regardless of the size of the gift, we demonstrate confidence in our School’s mission and
education. A high participation rate will open opportunities for St. James to acquire additional funding
from corporations and foundations. Parental support enables us to keep tuition costs affordable while
maintaining quality. 100% of your donation is tax-deductible.

How can I make my investment in the Annual Giving?

You can pay by cash or check in one payment or installments, by credit card here, on the Venmo app (@StJamesCC),
by electronic funds transfer, or even by transfer of appreciated stock.

Do I need to send money right now?

You may make a pledge now by completing our online pledge form and pay it before May 31, 2020.

Did you know that through a St. James education, whole families are enriched, God is served, and
children’s destinies are engraved?  Your Annual Giving investment is just one more way to pay it forward.

Give Now!

Other FAQ’s regarding Annual Giving

What has the Annual Giving campaign been used for in the past?

  • OWL Curriculum for the Primary School
  • Spalding Phonics Training for Faculty
  • Depth and Complexity Training for Faculty
  • Building a strong Math Curriculum for all grades
  • High-Level Athletics Programs
  • Enrichment Programs to fulfill the School’s Mission Statement

Isn’t participation in other events the same as giving to the Annual Giving campaign?

Participating at the “Spring Fling” fundraiser (or other fundraising activities) is very important, but it is
different from making an investment to the SJES Annual Giving Campaign.
Buying an auction item or purchasing a ticket to the Fundraiser is a “quid pro quo” transaction and it is
not 100% tax deductible.

Do board members contribute? How about teachers?

Each year, members of our Board of Trustees are the first to give. Faculty and staff have consistently
reached the 100% level, a tradition they hope to keep in years to come.

Who else may give?

Everyone who loves the school and wants to support our mission to our scholars is invited and
encouraged to give. Our supportive donors include alumni, parents of the alumni, grandparents, former
faculty and staff, volunteers, corporations, and many other friends of St. James.

Can I direct my annual contribution to a particular program?

Annual Giving gifts are typically undesignated gifts that give the Headmaster and Trustees the flexibility
to meet urgent priorities. Supporting the Annual Giving campaign is a statement about your belief in St.
James and its programs and our collective belief in educating servant leaders.