Speech and Drama


The Speech program is designed for 7th and 8th grade scholars to develop skills and practice in a variety of public speaking situations. Students will receive direct instruction on how to write speech outlines, present speeches, remain cool and confident through preparation, handle stage fright, use visual aids, design power point presentations, and make audience-centered presentations. An emphasis on preparation is the key to keeping speech making fun and unintimidating. As each scholar is the author of their own content, it is very much a “learn by doing” class. Scholars are required to give several formal speeches throughout the year on a variety of topics. St. James strongly believes that all scholars need a solid foundation in public speaking, as it directly applies to and is invaluable for future academic performance and professional career goals. This class gives St. James scholars the skills needed to be  successful.


Throughout the various levels of St. James, scholars are given ample opportunity to dress-up, reenact, and represent all kinds of characters, ranging from Jamestown Pilgrims, Colonial Congressmen, to Angelic Angels, Wise Shepherds and even Starfish. Our program seeks to develop scholars dramatic and public speaking skills as they learn to express themselves in front of an audience.