Spanish Classes

Scholars in all grade levels receive Spanish lessons at St. James.
4th-8th grade scholars learn to understand the Spanish language with an appreciation of the diversity and culture of the Spanish-speaking world.
Between the 4th-6th grade years, a three year Spanish I program is completed, with an emphasis on language context, pronunciation, spelling and sound/spelling correlations.
6th graders can communicate in basic descriptive terms, with proper usage of key verbs.
In the 7th grade, scholars develop proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish. By the end of this year, scholars can communicate and read in the master language. Secondary level development of these proficiencies continues into 8th grade, with a focus specifically on scholar comprehension of the language in context.
By the end of the 8th grade, scholars can write in journals and make speeches in Spanish. Advanced level courses in the 7th and 8th grade are available for those who qualify.
A full high school credit is earned on the completion of the 8th grade course.