Music and Art


St. James offers a multi-focused music program, building a love and appreciation for music in all its many forms. Throughout the various grade levels, emphasis is placed on listening, appreciation and the production of music. Primary levels begin with listening, singing, and learning finger plays. Eventually, they add large motor skill movements and small instruments. Lower school scholars learn the fundamentals of music theory, including note names, values, and other concepts, such as high versus low, and soft versus loud sounds. Our musical repertoire covers a wide range of music, from singing Mother Goose nursery rhymes, to traditional and contemporary worship songs, patriotic, folk and early American pieces, to classical favorites. Instruction is coordinated with curricular themes expressed in other academic disciplines. Instrumental instruction may include the use of recorders, drums and xylophones. Key events to see and hear the scholars in action are Grandparent’s Day, the Christmas Pageant and St. James Sunday.


St. James scholars are encouraged to explore and develop their artistic talent through a variety of disciplines. We seek to foster creativity and expression as well as focus and discipline. Beginning in the earliest levels throughout Lower School, scholars explore the basic elements of art, including color, lines, and sculpture. Scholars are invited into discussions about art and their ideas about what they see and feel. As they grow, concepts such as texture and shape develop, and projects include work on portraits and still life. Abstract Art, Architecture and Landscape are all introduced, as well as continued discussion on the concepts of light, space and design. Middle School students study art through the ages, by period, including Classical Art of Ancient Greece and Rome, Gothic Art, The Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo through Realism. Studio Art includes the opportunity to work with clay, paint, pastels, ink, wood carvings and more.