Tuition Aid

St. James offers tuition assistance.  Awards are either in the form of specific scholarships, SAM GRANTS, Need Based Financial Aid, and Opportunity Grants. These funds come from endowments, special donations, grants, and the St. James endowment. All financial assistance decisions made by the Financial Aid Committee are final.

Opportunity Grants

St. James Opportunity Grants are awarded to scholars in grades PP (2 yrs. old by June 1)-8 who can demonstrate that they would be assets to our School, siblings of prior recipients of Opportunity Grants, or scholars who show great promise of growing up to be significant contributors to the larger community. Opportunity Grants are for middle income families who make a difference in the larger community and whose (combined) household income falls within independent school middle income parameters.  This grant is renewable through yearly application through FACTS (see info below) for new scholars and scholars who remain in good standing for families with income between $60,000 and $120,000. Maximum Opportunity Grants of the following amounts are awarded based on household income and the number of children attending St. James: one child-$3,250, two children-$6,000, and three children-$7,500. Some opportunities are also provided for middle income families with income up to $200,000 who have multiple scholars enrolled (three or more children).

REQUIREMENTS: After turning in your Application for Admission, complete and return the St. James Opportunity Grant Application , Teacher Recommendation Form, along with required information.

Support Active Military Grant (SAM)

The SAM GRANT is available to active duty personnel in any branch of the armed forces stationed in the Corpus Christi area (not applicable for Reserves or National Guard unless called for Active Duty).The SAM GRANT was established in recognition of those who actively serve in the defense of our country.  St. James feels our military bear a special burden in the education of their children because of multiple, short deployments in a variety of settings.  The SAM GRANT is intended to provide our premier education to families whose lives are dedicated to keeping our nation free, whose values are strong, and whose sense of responsibility is keen and clear. The SAM Grant represents a 25% reduction in tuition for one scholar (the oldest), a 35% reduction for the second sibling (next oldest), and a 45% reduction for any additional siblings.  Like our other tuition assistance programs, scholars must remain developmentally and academically ready for the rigors of a St. James education and are renewable as long as the parent remains ACTIVE MILITARY in our area. To qualify or requalify for the SAM GRANT, ACTIVE MILITARY must present their current ID YEARLY and provide any other financial information as may be required by the Financial Aid Committee to properly evaluate the need for assistance. SAM Grant applicants are not required to apply through FACTS.

REQUIREMENTS: After turning in your Application for Admission, complete  and return the Support Active Military Grant Application and provide proof of your military status.

Financial Aid (Need-Based)

Funds are available from the School to help the families most in need of tuition assistance (specifically with combined annual income below $60,000.) If you wish to apply for financial aid, you must register at FACTS Management. To go directly to the FACTS Financial Aid Application, please click here. All materials are completed online to initiate the financial aid process. The applications for admission and for financial aid are separate processes and must be completed separately. The separation of these applications is intentional so there can be no confusion that admission to St. James is NOT based upon the ability to pay tuition.

Robert Douglass Browning Scholarship

The Robert Douglass Browning Scholarship is a perpetual scholarship endowed by Mr. and Mrs.
A. J. Douglass in memory of their grandson Robert Douglass Browning, a lifelong member of
The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, and a student at St. James from Preschool 4-year olds
through his 6th grade graduation in 1974. Robert Douglass Browning received the James Avery ring for outstanding service to the Church as an acolyte in 1986. He was a senior at Richard King High School at the time of his death.

The Carey-Charba Scholarship

The Carey-Charba Scholarship was established in 2016 in loving memory of Sue McNeil Carey, Ralph Carey, Michelle Carey Charba, Randy Charba and their son, William Alexander Charba, who died in the Memorial Day weekend flood in Wimberley, Texas in 2015. The scholarship honors the families’ memory and their contributions of  service, support and impact on St. James and the Corpus Christi community, especially Will Charba, who was a Kindergarten scholar at the time of his death. The scholarship will be awarded to a currently enrolled rising Kindergarten, who has indicated a need for financial scholarship and whose presence encourages, uplifts, and inspires their classmates, best exemplifying the St. James school mission.  The selected scholar will receive an annual award for Kindergarten tuition, which can be renewed for First Grade, if the recipient continues to meet the award criteria.